The Deccan Geographical Society of India is the India's learned society and professional body for geography, founded in 1962 for the advancement of geographical sciences. Today, it is the leading centre for geographers and geographical learning.

About Society

The Deccan Geographical Society Publishes Geographical Journal, namely, The Deccan Geographer since 1962.This Journal got International recognition number ISSN-0011-7269.Every year two issues (June & December) of this journal are published and circulated among 600 life members, 700 libraries in India besides 29 countries. The special issues have been published by DGS society on Historical Geography (1992) Index Volume (2000) and Climatology (1997). Besides this society publishes marathi medium Geography Journal namely, Bhugol Shastra Sanshodhak. Membership is open to geographers, planners and scientists belonging to allied disciplines. Interested persons may become life members of DGS society.

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